Saturday, April 19, 2014

Interpreting The Pauline Letters

Interpreting The Pauline Letters: An Exegetical Handbook by John D. Harvey
Published by Kregel Academic

One of my mentors Dr. Thomas F. Harrison made a profound statement concerning Hermeneutics and Exegesis. “He who seeks wisdom not just a knowledge of how to exegete but discovers how to make the text useful to others has discovered both the Art and Science of Exegesis.”

This book is a valuable demonstration of Dr. Harrison’s statement. Building on the foundation of the authority of God’s Word Dr. Harvey wisely explains and then uses the elements of exegesis, which are then demonstrated by useable examples.

I was delighted with his section, “The Great Transfer” in the chapter on the Theology of Paul’s letters. The transfer from the Sphere of Adam to that of ‘in Christ’ is the best I have seen in detailing what is meant and how it is realized starting with 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Colossians 1:13-14 and then throughout Paul’s letters.

As a semi-retired NT Greek, Hermeneutics and Homiletics teacher I highly recommend this excellent work to anyone seeking to understand and make the meat of the Word available to all who follow or seek Jesus the Messiah. I received a copy of this book from Kregel Academic for an honest review.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Strange Fire?

Proclaiming the Good News or Complaining about Fellow Servants
I weary when Christian leaders are so busy being critical of others in God's household. A Critical attitude toward others who serve Christ is directly rebuked in the Bible. 

If we are busy proclaiming truth and living a life that pleases God we will have very Little time to do other things and worry about what others are teaching.
One of the latest example is John MacArthur in His book 'Strange Fire'.

Romans 14:4 Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

I have no doubt that a good and sincere teacher can write a book whose PR says the following. 

"In ancient Israel there lived two priests who approached God without the reverence He deserves. They disregarded God’s instructions and burned incense in His Tabernacle with “strange fire . . . which He had not commanded them. And fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord” (Lev. 10:2). Scripture calls us to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Anything unholy — including false prophecy, phony miracles, religious hypocrisy, self-willed worship, or anything else of the sort — is a kind of “strange fire,” deserving of the most severe judgment. That is why pastor-teacher John MacArthur has written this treatise on a movement whose foundation and direction have betrayed the God they claim to represent. Laced with historical research, biblical support, and quotes from scholars across the spectrum, Strange Fire is a rigorous evaluation of the fastest growing segment of the American Christian church. And it is an important warning . . . • For those who want the church to be more inclusive, • For those on the lookout for miracles today, • For those who think “charismatic” refers more to worship style than substance, • For those who don’t understand why celebrity preachers are constantly falling from grace, • For those who believe religious experience is more important than biblical fact, • For those who don’t want to “limit God” or “put Him in a box.” Strange Fire is powerful, disturbing, and imminently necessary."

What really urkes me is how much attention this book brings and how it divides the Kingdom of God when He could use the time and resources to expand the Kingdom instead of bring division and an opportunity for the World to not see what Jesus wants which is that we love one another as followers of Jesus our Saviour and Lord. God's grace toward us is needed when we deal with others who serve God differently than the way we understand.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Good Antidote to Rampant End Times Speculations

The Rose Guide to the End Times by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is visually inviting, easy to follow and comprehensive. Studying the End Times (Eschatology) can be very confusing. This book is a detailed study, which is a good fit for an individual, Bible study class or group and even as part of the curriculum for a college course. 
I was pleased to see the author starts the first 5 chapters focusing on รข•˘What matters most when it comes to the end of the world.˙ Unlike many books on the market today the author does not seem to have a pet position to further. He lays things out so that you may understand what is Biblical and how others in the church see things. 
The sections on the Old and New Testaments put things wonderfully in Biblical perspective. The last section is enlightening as it lays out each of the 4 major views of the End Times in the Church today. This is helpful when hearing or reading about the End Times in that you will be able to discern which view the author or speaker believes in. If you desire to understand the End Times you will greatly benefit from this book. Please Note: I was provided a reader copy by Rose Publishing in order to provide an unbiased review.@rosepublishing

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

My Daily Pursuit by Tozer

Thanks to the careful curation of James L. Snyder, a pastor in Tozer’s church denomination who has exclusive access to a treasure trove of unpublished Tozer content, we have Tozer’s teachings on a vast number of topics. And now, for the first time, there is a new daily devotional featuring never-before-published content. The famed evangelist Leonard Ravenhill, who knew Tozer personally, said, “To enter into Dr. Tozer’s presence was an awe-inspiring event.” Now, with My Daily Pursuit, readers will be able to do even more as they enter into the presence of Jesus every day through this awe-inspiring book. 
Gospel Light - Regal Books
Here is an excerpt:
January 31
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17
Heretics do not necessarily want to teach that there is no Trinity, or that God did not create the universe, and that there is no judgment. The very word “heretic” means one who picks and chooses.
The Samaritans were heretical in that they chose certain parts of the Bible. They had a Pentateuch and accepted it, but they rejected David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, 1 and 2 Kings and the Song of Solomon. They rejected all of Scripture except the Pentateuch.
The Samaritans went one step further: they translated the Pentateuch.
You can translate anything to prove what you are out to prove. All you have to do is say you know Greek or Hebrew, and after that, you are on your own. The Samaritans translated the old Pentateuch in a manner that proved Samaria was a place of worship. Because of that, they were very hostile to the Jews who claimed that Jerusalem was the place to worship.
The Samaritans accepted the Bible, but they just accepted as much of it is they wanted. When you pick and choose, you can believe just about anything.
Remember, it takes all of the Bible to make it the Word of God.
Oh, send Thy Spirit, Lord,
Now unto me,
That He may touch my eyes,
And make me see;
Show me the truth concealed
Within Thy Word,
And in Thy Book revealed,
I see Thee, Lord.
—Alexander Groves (1842–1909)
O Holy Spirit, open my eyes today that I may see that which You have for me. Blind me to those ways that lead me away from Thee. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The King is Revealed

Jesus the Messiah: Tracing the Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel's King

I love it when authors actually fulfill their thesis and promises in their promotional statements. Here is the promo statement for this book.
“Few books have sought to exhaustively trace the theme of Messiah through all of Scripture, but this book does so with the expert analysis of three leading evangelical scholars. For the Bible student and pastor, Jesus the Messiah presents a comprehensive picture of both scriptural and cultural expectations surrounding the Messiah, from an examination of the Old Testament promises to their unique and perfect fulfillment in Jesus life.”

I found this to be an exceptionally well-written and documented book. It is not for the faint at heart. It is requires diligence as you follow the depth of argument made by the authors in each chapter. Line upon line, precept upon precept this book lays out the argument for the progressive revelation of Jesus as Messiah as it is revealed within each book of the Bible.

When you are done reading you may say wow or you may say that the thesis makes complete sense. I have always believed the thesis but have never pursued the lengths of study involved in this book in such a complete and compact study.

I would highly recommend this as a text for an advanced Gospels class, exegetical elective or for anyone seeking a well written argument concerning Jesus as revealed throughout scripture as the promised King of God of God’s Kingdom.
Thanks to Kregel for a copy to review.

Acknowledgments / 9 Abbreviations / 11
Introduction (Herbert W. Bateman IV)

Gordon H. Johnston
/ 17
Chapter One: Messianic Trajectories in Genesis and Numbers
Chapter Two: Messianic Trajectories in God’s Covenant Promise to David / 59 Chapter Three: Messianic Trajectories in the Royal Psalms / 75
Chapter Four: Messianic Trajectories in Amos, Hosea, and Micah / 107 Chapter Five: Messianic Trajectories in Isaiah / 133
Chapter Six: Messianic Trajectories in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel /
Chapter Seven: Messianic Trajectories in Zechariah / 191
Herbert W. Bateman IV
Chapter Eight: Three Obstacles to Overcome, and Then One / 211 Chapter Nine: Anticipations of the One Called Messiah / 253 Chapter Ten: Anticipations of the One Called Branch and Prince / 275 Chapter Eleven: Anticipations of the One Called Son / 303
Darrell L. Bock
Chapter Twelve: Messiah Confessed: Revelation and the Catholic Epistles / 331 Chapter Thirteen: Messiah Confessed: Pauline Epistles / 357
Chapter Fourteen: The Messiah Preached and Veiled /
Chapter Fifteen: The Identity of Jesus as the Christ in His Ministry
Appendix: Messiah and Genesis 3:15 (Gordon H. Johnston) / 459 Index of Charts, Illustrations, Maps, and Sidebars / 473
Person and Subject Index / 475
Ancient Sources Index / 485

Scripture Index / 495 

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Gospels Side-by-Side

If you want to know about Jesus of Nazareth whom Christian believe to be the promised Deliverer or Messiah of Israel and yes all mankind a good place to start is in the books identified as the Gospels or Good News written by his followers soon after his life, death by crucifixion and his resurrection from the dead.

Once you read these you will notice certain similarities and differences. You may wonder why are there four Gospels or accounts of Jesus ministry and message?

This colorful and well-designed pamphlet takes you step by step through these and many other facets of the Gospels. It provides an impressive amount of information in a variety of charts and list, which provide a clear comparison of the similarities and difference. One of my favorite charts compares how each writer details the Miracles that Jesus performed.

Some have been frustrated when they have attempted to compare the Gospels to modern or ancient biographies without realizing that the unique style of the Gospels is based in their purpose as well as their historic framework.

I am impressed with the clarity, conciseness and wealth of detail Rose Publishing packed into this study.

Blurb from Rose Publishing Click here
The Bible gives us four biographers for Jesus' life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
 The Gospels Side-by-Side presents Jesus from four different points of view and shows how their views unite to flesh out an awesome portrait of God. 
The Gospels Side-by-Side includes concise charts that illustrate why there are four Gospels instead of just one, why three Gospels are similar, but the fourth is very different, how the Gospels complement - not contradict - each other, why most of Christ's story focuses on his last week; and more.
14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

Contents The Gospels Side-by-Side:
• Chart showing the point of view, symbol, and audience for each Gospel. It also shows what aspect of Jesus was emphasized depending on whether the audience was Jewish, Greek-speaking, or distinctly non-Jewish (Messiah, Authority/Power over man and nature, Ideal/perfect, Word of God).
• Harmony of the Gospels showing where each story appears in the four Gospels.
• The importance of Jesus' last week and how it is treated in each Gospel.
• Two charts: Jesus' miracles and parables in each Gospel.
• Differences between modern and ancient biographies and what they emphasize in a person's history.
• Where Jesus Walked - tracking his location in the Gospels.
• Map of Jesus' Travels with red lines showing modern-day cities and countries.
• What the four Passovers mentioned in the Gospels tell us about the length of Jesus' ministry.
• Comparison chart of the Book of John with the three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke)

The Gospels Side-by-Side is a handy guide for anyone studying the New Testament, Life of Christ, or learning about Bible study.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Book of Acts pamphlet: The Story of the early Church,

I was delighted as I read the Book of Acts pamphlet: The Story of the early Church, by Rose Publishing. The pamphlet hits the Bull’s Eye in making clear what the focus should be for us the people of God empowered by His Spirit. The pamphlet states;”By studying and understanding the way God acted in history, we become more attuned to the ways God is active among us today. God is active, as the book of Acts shows. We must be sensitive to the way the Spirit moves in our midst and in the world to join in the mission.”
The author says ‘The presentation of the Gospel message to a variety of people and cultures in the Book of Acts helps us to see the Gospel message is the same while we must rely on the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom in presenting it to people God connects us with.” This truth must be applied actively if we are to accomplish all that Jesus began to do and teach.
I really enjoyed the detail given as the continuation of Jesus’ mission is seen being carried out through the disciples as they were empowered by the Holy Spirit in proclamation and miraculous deeds.
Jesus, the Kingdom of God and the Mission He has given us must be kept in focus if we are to accomplish our portion of the work of God in our day.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Powerful and Easy to Grasp Study of Romans

A Review of Rose Publishing’s Romans pamphlet.

Discovery of what God said and what it means for us today can be hard to accomplish with some books and study Bibles. It seems they want us to see what they see more than what God wants us to receive.

Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome has been instrumental in changing the lives of many among them, Augustine and Martin Luther two of Christianity’s greatest leaders.

This pamphlet’s primary strength is a clear presentation of the teachings in the letter to the Roman Christians so that we might apply them in our lives today.  I particularly like that it gives concise definitions to terms we hear in church but do not often use in the Biblical way in our lives. These include Redemption, Ransom, Atonement and Justification. The colorful format, design and writing style allow you to move through the powerful truths presented with ease.

I have found this to be much more than a simple pamphlet in my walk with God.
 Rose Publishing provided me a copy of this material for an honest review.
You've heard about salvation. . .grace. . .and righteousness in the Book of Romans. But have you ever wondered what they really mean?
Rose Publishing's Romans, a 14–panel, full–color pamphlet, covers these cornerstone concepts—and more! This convenient pamphlet explains each section of Paul's epistle in an easy-to-understand way, answering questions, such as: What does it mean to be saved? How can I live a righteous life? and How can I please God?
This pamphlet tells you what you need to know without losing you in theological lingo, making it easier than ever to glean wisdom from Romans by offering—
  • An outline of the book
  • Section-by-section explanation/commentary
  • Life application questions
  • Charts, displaying information such as the difference between "Dead to sin" and "Alive in Christ"
  • Key verses, themes, and applications
Easily access basic background information, such as—
  • Who wrote the letter?
  • When was it written?
  • Who was it written for?
  • What was the purpose of the letter?
  • How is the letter relevant to today's believers?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Secrets of Intercessory Prayer By Jack Hayford

Here are the keys to unlocking effective intercessory prayer.  With encouragement, powerful testimonies and keen biblical guidance, pastor and bestselling author Jack Hayford offers the insight you need to pray more effectively for God’s grace, goodness and power in the lives of those you love.  Pastor Jack also reveals how to: 
  • Answer God’s divine invitation to partnership
  • Apply the basic promises of God to prayer
  • Launch a counterattack against the enemy
  • Help bring about victory in others’ lives
  • Prayer for someone you’d rather not pray for and more!
Regardless of the situation, you can pray with rightful authority, perseverance and confidence.  Stand in the gap for those you love and watch God’s answers come.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Darlene Zscheck
Chapter 1: A Divine Invitation to Partnership
Chapter 2: The Original Splintering
Chapter 3: War Against the Spirit of Separation
Chapter 4: Doing Your Part and Letting God Do His
Chapter 5: Basic Promises to Apply
Chapter 6: Promises and Patterns for Reaching People
Chapter 7: Heirs Together of the Grace of Life
Chapter 8: Your Prayers are Decisive!
Chapter 9: Upon Your Sons and Daughters
Chapter 10: Comforting One Another in Prayer
Chapter 11: Praying for Someone You Don’t Want to Pray For
Chapter 12: How to Pray Without Ceasing
Chapter 13: Framing a Family Picture
Afterword: Having Done All, Stand
Appendix A: A Prayer for Receiving Christ as Lord and Savior
Appendix B: A Prayer for Inviting the Lord to Fill You with the Holy Spirit

As everyone familiar with the wonderful writings of Jack Hayford would expect, this book is rich with all we need to understand how to intercede powerfully for the people we care about most.  It is rich in Scripture-based teaching, personal experience, practical advice and helpful instruction.  Jack Hayford was my pastor for 23 years and taught me nearly everything I know about prayer, yet this book has newly inspired me to pray.  I am hopeful and joyfully expectant on a deeper level than ever as I await the answers to these prayers.  Everyone wanting to learn how to maximize their prayer impact should know that this book is a gift for them and they would do well to open it.
Stormie Omartian, bestselling author

Jack Hayford has been one of my most important spiritual mentors for many years.  His spiritual intimacy with Christ, personal integrity and biblical knowledge make him a trusted guide and beloved pastor.  This book is powerful and insightful.  It not only has the ability to change your life, but it can change the legacy of your family for generations.
Jimmy Evans, founder and president, MarriageToday

About the Author
Jack Hayford is founding pastor of The Church On The Way and chancellor of The King’s University in Los Angeles.  He has written more than 100 books and 600 hymns and choruses.  His national radio and television programs span the world.  He and his wife, Anna, live near Los Angeles, California. 
AVailable at Arsenal Books Click Here to get your copy

A Good Antidote to Rampant End Times Speculations

The Rose Guide to the End Times by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is visually inviting, easy to follow and comprehensive.
Studying the End Times (Eschatology) can be very confusing. This book is a detailed study, which is a good fit for an individual, Bible study class or group and even as part of the curriculum for a college course.
I was pleased to see the author starts in the 1st 5 chapters focused on ‘What matters most when it comes to the end of the world.’ Unlike many books in the market today the author does not seem to have a pet position to further. He lays things out so that you may understand what is Biblical and how others in the church see things.
The sections on the Old and New Testaments put things wonderfully in Biblical perspective. The last section is enlightening as it lays out each of the 4 major views of the End Times in the Church today. This is helpful when hearing or reading about the End Times in that you will be able to discern which view the author or speaker believes in.
If you desire to understand the End Times you will greatly benefit from this book.