Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feasts of the Bible DVD-based Study

Complete Kit for the Feasts of the Bible 6-session DVD-based Study

Why would a Christian want to study the Feasts of the Bible?  How can the Feasts celebrated by the Hebrew people be meaningful today for Christian and Jew alike? Where should I start in studying the feasts of the Bible? With so many books and video teachings which one can I trust?

This series published by Rose Publishing developed by Sam Nadler founder of Word of Messiah Ministries answers these questions and many more. Sam was raised a Jew and later became a Believer in Jesus as the Messiah. The depth and scope of his insight and understanding presented in this study will inform and delight you as you discover how God’s appointed times are designed to bring our relationship with Him into redemptive fulfillment in Jesus the Messiah.

The first appointed time God has established is the Sabbath. This time of rest in which God desired to dwell with us in an ongoing relationship was corrupted when we as a race represented by Adam and Eve chose to destroy our relationship with God by disobedience.

The Appointed times which include the Sabbath and the Feasts were designed to restore or redeem our relationship and rest in Him. They foreshadow God’s plan for us and are fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah in amazing detail. 

I am greatly impressed with how well written, visually appealing and coordinated the DVD, Power Point, Book, Leaders and Participants guide along with the Pamphlet are. Each one is of the highest quality and easy to use. It has been a delight to review and complete this study. I highly recommend it.

The link below will provide greater detail as to the content of these materials.

Things you will discover in masterful detail.

  • ·      You will discover that Sabbath is more than a day off and that God intended it as the beginning of dwelling in relationship with us.
  • ·      That there is an amazing amount of revelation and insight in such simple things like how unleavened bread applies to our spiritual life. 
  • ·      The unveiling of the Lamb throughout the Bible. 
  • ·      How Jesus fulfills the celebration of First fruits, which points to the resurrection. How the Feast of Pentecost is about the sanctification or ongoing making pure of God’s people as well as the outpouring of His power. When Acts 1:8 says we shall be witnesses it is about revealing God to others in our how transformation.
  • ·      How the Feast of Trumpets is about gathering God’s people for the Fulfillment of His plans. The Day of Atonement, which is for all Israel and all peoples to be made right with God who is King of the Universe.
  • ·      How the Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration of God’s provision for His people and its place in the Mount of transfiguration recounted in the Gospels.
  • ·      How the Feast of Hanukkah is revealed in full as we place our faith in Jesus. How the account of Ester’s victory through God’s favor on His people in the greatest struggle is indeed a great cause for celebration and perseverance in faith.

There is so much more than this review can include so go now to the Rose Publishing link included above and get your copy today. Your church, Bible study, home group, Sunday School class or personal study will be greatly enhanced through this masterfully done study.

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